As a Manager for boutique consulting firm C432 (formerly JMConsulting), I served as the In Country Manager for an engagement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of Haiti to develop a bioenergy action plan for the country.  As In Country Manager, my role included:

  • Assembled and managed a team of local experts across agronomy, policy and energy.
  • Won the support of key stakeholders, including CEOs, NGO leaders, and Cabinet ministers, such as the Minister of Energy.
  • Advised the global project team on an appropriate strategy for the local Haitian context.
  • Conducted research (desk research and local interviews) on the energy, agriculture, food security, and policy environment in Haiti as it relates to bioenergy.
  • Co-authored the final report for the IDB and the Government of Haiti, which focused strongly on supporting private sector interventions and growth in the sector.
  • Represented the team as a speaker at the United Nations 58th Commission on the Status of Women. 

VIDEO - United Nations 58th Commission on the Status of Women: Bioenergy, Clean Cookstoves and Sustainable Development

*Note: begin video at 11:50 marker